For an industrial, commercial or civil construction project, people always divide the construction into two categories: Construction and M&E (Mechanical and Electrical). The Construction part can be considered as the framework and appearance, while the M&E system is like the internal organs and functional agencies. The building only really “lives” when there is a simultaneous combination of these two parts and only “lives” very healthy when the Construction and M&E section really ensures quality.

TONA Construction is a Design & Build general contractor providing comprehensive solutions for industrial, commercial, and civil construction projects, as well as large-scale rooftop solar energy investment and development.

In this article, let’s join TONA to explore “What is an M&E general contractor?” and “What are the responsibilities of an M&E general contractor for the project?”

What is an M&E general contractor?

M&E general contractor, also known as Mechanical & Electrical general contractor, is responsible for the mechanical and electrical system of a construction project. The M&E system is an important and indispensable part of modern projects, accounting for about 30-50% of the total construction.

In a construction project, the M&E system is divided into the following items:

  • Air Conditioning – Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system
  • Fire alarm and fire fighting system
  • Electrical system
  • Water supply and drainage system

The Mechanical part of the project occupies a large volume in the ACMV system, while the remaining items include Plumbing & Sanitary, Fire alarm & Fire fighting, Central GAS system, Elevators, etc.

The Electrical part is the main source of energy for the entire system of the project, including items related to Electricity such as distribution, supply, lighting, control, and Extra Low Voltage (ELV).

M&E general constractor system

Photo: Air Conditioning – Mechanical Ventilation (ACMV) system

M&E general system fire fighting

Photo: Fire fighting system

power system

Photo: Electrical system

wire system

Photo: Electrical systems

water system

Photo: Water supply and drainage system

Criteria for selecting an M&E general contractor:

M&E works are typically calculated, designed, executed, and monitored by the M&E general contractor, with the aim of ensuring the efficiency and reliability of these systems during operation and use. To choose a qualified contractor, the investor should pay attention to the following quality evaluation factors:

Based on capacity and construction experience: The most important factor in selecting an M&E general contractor is experience and capacity. The M&E general contractor must meet the requirements of quality and safety standards in the design, construction, and operation of M&E systems. The contractor should provide a reasonable technical plan and method of implementation. Having a team of highly skilled technicians to execute and monitor M&E systems is also important.

Based on legal entity and reliability: It is necessary to review and ensure the legal information of the M&E general contractor, including operating licenses, insurance, and related documents for project execution. In addition, the contractor must have the financial capacity to carry out the project within the prescribed time and ensure the supply of sufficient resources and materials.

Based on construction progress and construction costs: Cost is an important factor in selecting an M&E general contractor. However, choosing a contractor based solely on the lowest price is not the best approach. The quality and effectiveness of the project must be taken into account. A commitment to the construction schedule with the contractor is necessary to ensure project progress and efficiency.

Ensuring occupational safety: Another important factor to consider when selecting a reputable M&E general contractor is to choose a contractor with a plan to protect workers. Contractors must comply with labor safety laws during construction: wearing helmets, protective clothing, scaffolding specifications, etc. It is recommended to require the contractor to provide labor safety certificates.

M&E general constractor labor safety

TONA Construction always prioritizes ensuring construction quality for the project to have stable, long-lasting, and high-performance systems. During construction, occupational safety and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) are always emphasized and strictly enforced.

hse in construction

The responsibilities of the M&E general contractor

The role of the M&E general contractor and technical team is crucial in completing a project. The responsibilities of the M&E general contractor to the investors include:

Design: Responsible for designing the M&E systems for the project, including technical calculations, drawing up plans, ensuring feasibility, and meeting relevant standards.

Construction management: Managing subcontractors to ensure the construction schedule, quality, and safety of the M&E systems. The M&E general contractor must also comply with regulations, standards, and laws related to M&E construction.

Testing & Commissioning: Conducting testing of M&E systems before handing them over to the customer for use. The technical team must also ensure that the systems have been fully tested, meet the required standards, and are of the required quality.

Operation & Maintenance: The M&E general contractor may be responsible for maintaining and repairing M&E systems during the customer’s use.

TONA Construction’s criteria for cooperation with investors:

  • TONA is committed to accompanying the investors throughout the project’s existence with the slogan “High safety, quality, and reliability in the long term.”
  • Establishing a good relationship and deep understanding of local regulations and government policies to ensure safety for the investors.
  • Professionalism and experience in technology, combined with an understanding of the investors’s needs, to provide the best technical solutions.
  • Reasonable and efficient costs without compromising the project’s quality, provided by a team of skilled, professional, and creative personnel from TONA.
  • Customer-centric thinking to effectively meet the investors’s needs with a “can-do” spirit and the highest level of responsibility.
  • Leading and focusing on “Green and Sustainable Design & Construction” solutions for industrial plants in Vietnam to accompany the sustainable development goals of the investorss.

The Spartronics Vietnam Factory Project

The Spartronics Vietnam factory project commenced in April 2021 in Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park, Binh Duong Province, with a construction area of 40,000 square meters and a floor area of 23,000 square meters. Spartronics Vietnam is a 100% FDI company from the United States, belonging to the Sparton Corporation, a well-known global conglomerate in the electronics and high technology industries with over 114 years of history.

The project was completed in December 2022 and is now operational. It is considered one of the first “green” factories in Vietnam to achieve LEED Gold standards in the US Green Building Council’s LEED rating system.

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m&e factory

factory panorama

Self-positioning as a “Green Contractor”, TONA is a “reliable partner in the field of green construction” to accompany customers and partners in sustainable development and the greening of production, contributing to the goal of reducing emissions and limiting climate change. “Make It Possible & Build It Right” is the spirit that TONA always aims to ensure the “correct” implementation of the initial commitments to customers and partners.