We understand that the development of humanity is inseparable from the protection of the natural environment. We respect and are concerned with improving the quality of community life in our design, construction, and development strategies. To address serious environmental pollution such as the exploitation and exhaustion of natural resources for development and production; the design and architecture industries need to pioneer changes in the interest of developing in a more sustainable, environmentally friendly direction. In Vietnam, the polluted environment, gases & hazardous industrial wastes are the root causes that endanger people’s health and life expectancy.

By 2025, the volume of construction waste generated each year is expected to double to 2.2 billion tons (according to Construction & Demolition Recycling).

To reduce this number rapidly and effectively, we are required to apply optimal construction methods to reduce emissions, using environmentally friendly material technology. Tona has accelerated the application of Solar Power Solutions for industrial plant construction as well as the construction process in order to save energy while also reducing CO2 emissions.

With the aim of joining hand to protect the environment and in the context that the whole of society is concerned and has made this a top priority, Tona has entered into a joint venture with Syntegra Solar AG to establish Tona Syntegra Solar Company to develop a Macroscale Rooftop Solar for industrial & commercial use in May 2017 – steadfastly pursuing the path of sustainable development with clean energy – solar energy. Refer to TSS website: