In the poetic ambiance of DayByDay cafe and with the concept of decoration resembling a mini “May Lang Thang” stage, TONA & TSS had a warm party to celebrate the birthdays of their colleagues in the company. At the same time, this was a get-together following an active first quarter of the year filled with internal sporting events.

The Administration – Human Resources and Internal Communications departments collaborated to create the design concept and script. The crew unanimously chose DayByDay cafe at 23/9 Park as the venue for the event, with the goal of creating an intimate, romantic, yet elegant ambiance atmosphere.

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Everyone arrived early to check-in before the party, and they were all excited to have the opportunity to sit together.

The party started with an engaging minigame that focused on the zodiac signs whose birthdays fall in the early months of the year, as well as promoting the company’s internal sports and health movement. The rewards for the game were enticing sports accessories to encourage everyone to invest more in their health, as they navigate through the current challenging times alongside the company.

The celebration continued with a cake-cutting ceremony and gift giving. Mr. Nguyen Binh Phuong, the President of TONA company and the main birthday celebrant, shared a few words and summarized the company’s activities in the first quarter of 2023 as the representative of the Executive Board.

In the first quarter of 2023, TONA – TSS launched a running campaign and increased sports activities to ensure the physical health and mental well-being of all employees. With the motto “Make It Possible!” and the slogan “Break Your Limits”, the TONA – TSS team ran a total distance of over 459 km (in the first month of the campaign), equivalent to the distance from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. It is hoped that in the coming time, this outstanding achievement will not only stop at any specific number but will be further improved, and running will become an indispensable part of TONA – TSS’s policies and activities.

After the ceremony, everyone raised their glasses for a toast and began celebrating together. The tremendous support from DayByDay restaurant made the occasion even more perfect. The restaurant, located within the 23/9 Park, has a decor style evocative of Dalat in the center of Saigon. It is also a popular choice for many nature-loving clients who seek out unique experiences and visit the location on a regular basis.

At the end of the party, the atmosphere became more lively thanks to homegrown performances from the vocalists of male members TONA – TSS.

Fun, close and comfortable are adjectives to describe TONA & TSS’s internal birthday celebration. The Board of Directors and staff are all excited, trying to create a common working and living environment, sociable without distance like a family but still professional and highly responsive to work.

As shared by Mr. Nguyen Binh Phuong, it is hoped that in the future, all employees of TONA – TSS will continue to invest in and take better care of their health. This will provide them with the strength and energy to complete their work with high efficiency.